TEAM Tom X Om Presents ...

"Infinite Happiness in Life with ZERO Efforts"

RESULTS = Infinite Happiness

How it Works?

STEP #1 -- Find Out What Your Soul Is Made Of

STEP #2 -- Find Out Your Energy Signature of the Divine Order

STEP #3 -- Find Out The Things You Have to Watch Out for If you Get Out Of Balance

STEP #4 -- Find Out The Main focus Your Soul Has Chosen For This lifetime

RESULT= Infinite Happiness

Hey! My name is Tom X Om.

You may have seen my YouTube channel. 
Over 24,000+ people subscribe to my videos.
The overwhelming feedback on my channel is that I'm "downright transparent." Some would even say that I give away too much. 
My focus is on changing lives. I have enough freedom already. 
...Now it's YOUR TURN.
This program unlocks the secrets to your future through knowing what your soul wants you to do.  But only for those who follow their Soul Direction Compass..

Want Precise Direction In Life?

Want Freedom?

From: The Beach
Subject: Soul Direction Compass

Do You Feel Stuck Sometimes?

I meet people all the time who are discouraged and overwhelmed by life. (You’ve probably met people like this, too.)  

Trying circumstances have disappointed them, and they feel like giving up. If you are not living the ideal life... 


A Soul Direction Compass means that your life is targeted the way your soul has planned - not your family or circumstances. 

That creates a feeling of contentment 24/7/365. 

That means that while you're:
⦁ Sleeping
⦁ Eating 
⦁ Travelling 
⦁ Working

Your soul blueprint is getting transferred into your BEING. 
How to Enjoy a Happy Lifestyle...

Whenever I Am not sure what I want , I open up my soul compass...

And BOOM! 

In a few minutes, I lnow where to move on autopilot. 

I like to call Life soul coupons :)

I use these "coupons" to travel in the right direction and enjoy life. 

Why You Need This?

Stop making the WORST trade in life. 

You should never give away happiness for what other people tell you is right or wrong..  

Soul Direction Compass will help you make the right choices.  

A choice done by your Soul even you are: 
⦁ Guess you are right
⦁ Have the Feeling of 'Just hang on'
⦁ Not Feeling Bad

You choose what to do with your life. 


Ask Yourself...

⦁ Are you not feeling the inner peace you should? 
⦁ Are you struggling for financial freedom , while reflecting about the 'injustice in life? 
⦁ Does even having a great perspective in life seem impossible right now? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above... 

Then you MUST get the Soul Reading…

because I am about to reveal EVERY SECRET for your success.  

I’ve been into this field since 2008.  
I started out while operating my Chiropractic profession.

⦁ I used to think it's all about vertebra alignment … 
⦁ I couldn't imagine the complexity of energy fields and soul connection. 

In fact, I struggled for 8 years before... I got the puzzle together…seeing the WHOLE PICTURE:)

Go from here...

To here...

Most people fail because they don't have a vision.

We are bombarded with "rules and guidelines" what to do or not to do.

...But society, parents and school don't see the big picture. 

They just follow what they are taught to follow.

"IF ONLY" they could see the Whole Picture then they would think..

Life is EASY - why did I make it so complicated?

INTRODUCING: Soul Direction Compass


Here's What's Included...

This is a full Soul Reading that normally sells for $140 but only because this is a special launch...

I’m giving you a MASSIVE DISCOUNT...

Inside you’ll learn:

⦁ Module 1 - How the Energy of the Divine Order Works
⦁ Module 2 - How your soul is composed
⦁ Module 3 - The Specifics your Soul expresses
⦁ Module 4 - Best attributes you possess
⦁ Module 5 - Secret to a BETTER LIFE
⦁ Module 6 - Things to watch out for you if you get out of balance
⦁ Module 7 - Get To Know your Primary Lesson in Life
⦁ Module 8 - Where the REAL Life Value is... 

... The Good News

Anyone Can Follow His Soul Path... Including You!

In a few hours, you can learn everything I know. 
This knowledge took me EIGHT YEARS to uncover. 
And it's exactly what empowers me to a life of total FREEDOM.

The freedom to live your choices does not need to be exotic. 
Maybe you just want to implement it slowly. 
The solution is to find a perfect balance!

But just get started today....


You will get Your Own Personal Soul Compass as a written Document

(49$ Value)

Powerful Soul Vibration Audio
with Binaural Brainwaves

[45 Min. Brainwave Power Music]

(39$ Value)


Star Dust Healing

[Step - by - Step  Healing Manual ]


With this package you will receive:

⦁ Your Soul Direction Compass via email
⦁ All Bonus listed Above
⦁ Soul Empowerment Audio
⦁ BEST Support from me via email


EXTRA BONUS: FREE Masterclass Access to Learn How to Instantly Align Your PERSONAL Dreams with Your Soul’s Ultimate Vision For Your Life!

Note: After you have purchased the Soul Direction Compass below  you will be directly redirected to the Masterclass where you have to chose a date and time - in your time zone - to secure your spot.




This is Your Call - Start Now and
SAVE OVER $ 100 Today!

What People are Saying...

"I had the most healing and transformational Soul Direction Compasss. Guided me through the Soul Plan explaining the stages with clarity and meaning, each step took me to a new understanding of myself and my past and a realisation of why certain things had happened as they did. Through this Soul Plan everything fell into place and I have found the real me! I now have true purpose to my life, which has given me the confidence to pursue a new and meaningful direction.  I would highly recommend  the Soul Direction Compass. Thank you

—Hima Dalal, Lexington, S.C

"Since knowing my life plan , I'm feeling more inner peace than ever before. My normally VERY bad mood has dissappeared. I'm also happy to report I'm not as fatigued as I've been for years! The biggest difference is that my brain is calm. Seriously, I think my mind has shifted - so does my life. And again, I don't feel exhausted!! And it's only been 4 days, I feel like a new gal and just feel in my heart that I will continue to improve!

I am grateful beyond words to Tom for this life changing work, and I am also planning on more on his Reiki sessions this year. This is also an awesome gift for my loved ones. "

—Maria Myrback


"I just wanted to say I feel so blessed and empowered with joining the Masterclass. When I realized how to fulfil my inner dreams easily - easy in the way that I have a route to follow now -  I was  getting the feeling of love, compassion, belief and encouragement back and the rest of the Life Vision team will always be with me. I can only hope that someday I'll be able to give something back. Thank you!

—Julia T.S Spokane ,WA

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