Andromeda Codes


Manifest Higher Consiousness Here On Earth

Find Easier And More Creative Solutions To Any Problem That May Arise In Your Life!

Time To Join  the NEW Andromeda Sequence 1.

What is it and how does it work?

This is a Harmonizing Package created by the Andromedan Council of the Golden Light.

Be ready for the Golden Light of the Christ Conciousness so that you will be able to balance all aspects of Your- Self in the Light of Wholeness.

You probably have heard the predominant frequency of Andromeda is the Golden Light, and these Light Codes activate the creation of Beauty and Harmony through your Higher Self Connection.

The Primary Andromeda Star gate on Earth is located in the Aegean Sea area, between Greece and Turkey.  It was reactivated and aligned with the New Earth grids to provide the
"Andromeda Key" Light Codes for the Experience of Intense Joy through the Golden Light.

This newly aligned Star Gate is receiving and transmitting these frequencies into the Earth grids, where they can be received and integrated by those souls which are resonanting with the Golden Light. This means that the Soul Star Chakra, the Solar Chakra and the Galactic Chakra will be activated and working in harmony with the Heart Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra.

This transmission is an essential part on your journey back to


Because You Will Be Able To Easily Access Creative Solutions and High Frequency Responses To Any Problems 

As these Light Codes are received on the Earth and integrated into the Higher Conciousness levels, they will assist you in the manifestation of the New Earth. You will begin to find it easier to achieve creative solutions and high frequency responses to any problems that may arise in your live or in your environment . This will be achieved because you will have access to the Golden Light of the Christ Conciousness and will be able to balance all aspects of self in that Light.

The Andromedan Light transmission come from the Heart of the Adromedan Galaxy, from the Andromedan Council of Light whose task is to assist our Galaxy in its emergence into its new form as a Golden Spiral Galaxy called the "Golden Rose Galaxy". 

The Golden Light also encourages creative expression though art and creativity within the New Earth communities, and the urge to espress  Self and the Higher Self through creative expression will be felt intensely and in magical ways. The Golden Light Codes of Adromeda will fuse with the Diamond Light Codes from our own Galactic Center to create a most magical Outpouring of creative energy.

This Creative Energy will work in harmony with the Earth and with Nature. It will strive for Beauty, Peace, Harmony, Grace and Serenity . It will be a true reflection of the consciousness of the Higher Dimensions of Light as they are grounded into the Earth Grids.

Imagine Yourself Solving Issues More Easily !

"Let us show you what inner peace really is. Experience the freedom of your soul and mastery that is beyond the confines of this 3D world and reality so that you can reclaim who you truly are and shine that truth onto this world as a divine masterpiece of God."

- The Andromedan Council of the Golden Light

These Codes release and activate energy within your energy field and affect the flow of meridians, mental body, chakras and all past life archieves.Codes in general are active conciousness fields which trigger effects in your own energy field based on your resonance and acceptance.

Here are the Activation Codes (Clearing - Activation - Upgrades) you will receive:

PHASE 1 : Clearing your Central

This activation clears out the energies between the Heart of Creator Chakra and the Earth Heart Chakra. (See image)

PHASE 3 : Chakra Wholeness Activation

The deep energy of Andromeda clears, heals and recalibrates all 13 Chakras in a Circular Wave Pattern.


 This prepares your for the Main
Activation to come.

PHASE 2 : Golden Lightness of Gravity

This Activation Enlightens the Channel between the Lower Earth Chakra and the the Crown Chakra.

(Activation via Video)

PHASE 4 : Adromeda Sequence 1

The Light Codes will begin to activate and you will feel the Golden Light entering your Chakra System. The energies will be grounded through the Base Chakra into the Earth Star Chakra.(See image above)


The Andromeda Package Includes

The 4 PHASE Golden Light Solution

The Activation Certification via Email

Best Actication & Integration Guide

My Grounding Meditation Audio

(VALUE $39)

Get this Amazing Package now for 50% discount!

The Andromeda 1 Sequence is a Great Opportunity to Raise your Consiousness.

We will welcome you at the Andromedan Star Gate.

P.S: These are amazing energies which will create more creative moments in your life. Your whole family and friends will love your Empowered New Self - JOIN NOW!

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