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Who Else Wants To Clear The Path To
Success & Happiness With Our Bestselling
Energy Clearing And Protection Kit?
Are You Looking For MORE Energy,​ Vitality​
And​ Well-Being?


Then You Need To Help Your AURA Help You!

From the day you were born to the day you pass on, your energetic field - known as Aura - pulsate inside you,
silently controlling every area of your life.

Your Aura exist to help and empower you!

And yet when they become weakened, either from outside influences, or even through hidden energetic blocks wedged inside them - you'll experience friction, frustration and failure in the areas of life they influence.

The solution is simple: just like how you take a shower to clean your body, you must  reguarly cleanse 
and energize and protect your Energy Field.


How? That's where our bestselling Energy Clearing & Protection Kit comes in.

The Energy Clearing & Protection Gives You Two Powerful Tools For Easily, Quickly & Joyfully Restoring Your Aura To Peak Condition:

The Energy Protection Kit aims to protect you from energy distortions  by raising your vibration, increasing personal power, strengthening your energy bodies and removing energies, attachments or energetic tools that try to rob you of your energy, vitality, and well-being.

The Energy Protection Kit works to protect you from anyone or anything that may be blocking, hijacking or  taking your energy in the following four ways:

1 - The Energy Clearing Kit boost your vibration. Your vibration is raised as this aligns your energies, cuts energetic connections, reduces fear and boosts vitality and well-being which is very important for long-term protection from energy vampirism.

2 - This gives you more personal power, inner strength, and self-confidence. The Energy Clearing Kit also aims to release and clear any negative energies, limiting thought forms, beliefs, behaviours and fears within you resulting in an increase in self-confidence and making you less vulnerable to anyone or thing taking or affecting our energy bodies and vitality.

3 - Furthermore you will  remove energy imprints, vibrations, signatures, entities, attachments, energetic
anchors, triggers, and cords that may be linked to taking your energy. The energies of the Energy Clearing Kit aim to cut any connections with the source of your energetic drain.

4 - As a result you strengthen your energy bodies, especially your aura, to ensure you are naturally well protected and it is more difficult for your energies to be compromised, taken or given away.

IMPORTANT: Due to the open-ended nature of the energies provided in this attunement, there is potential for new functions to reveal themselves to you that are specific to you and your needs.

What Will You gain from taking this custom made attunement?

  • Energetic protection from energy vampires
  • Raise personal power, inner strength, and self-confidence.
  • Strengthen energy bodies to boost overall protection.
  • Clear non-serving energies, attachments, and cords.
  • Clear negative thoughts, beliefs, and subconscious programs.
  • Raising your vibration.
  • Assist with forgiveness.
  • Reduce victim mentality.
  • Reduce fear and stabilise emotions.
  • Increase vitality, well-being, and wholeness.
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual balance.
  • Can attune others to these energies.

I was living in a toxic relationship for over 6 years. I didn't know what to do anymore as it almost haunted me. I am glad that I found this Energy Clearing Kit and since then my life has changed completely. I can honestly say that I live in peace by now. What a relief. Thanks and blessings.

Ann, Florida, USA 

As A Result The Energy Clearing  Kit
Empowers You To...
  • Clear the energetic blocks that wreak havoc on your life from 'behind the scenes'
  • Break free from the success & happiness blocks hiding inside your energetic layers
  • Create the life you want; more smoothly, joyfully and easily than ever before
  • Achieve previously unreachable goals and dreams; no more resistance
  • Raise your energetic 'setpoint', and attract better people, situations and outcomes

Your Energy Clearing Kit Includes:


      •  Energy Clearing Kit Attunement

      •  Energy Clearing Kit Certificate

      •  Energy Clearing Kit Home Study Course with attunement process

      • BONUS: Arcturian Clearing Booster (see below)

      • POWERFUL Energy Clearing Frequencies #60 min. (clears also your home)
        (with binaural beats and Feng Shui energy clearance and balancing  )

      • Energy can be used for yourself and transferred to clients and friends

Arcturian Prana Wind-Clearing Device

An advanced light technology that can be called forth
from the Arcturians that is anchored usually into the third Chakra that
rotates like a fan in a clockwise direction, moving in ever wider
concentric circles, that clears etheric mucus and debris from the
etheric meridians, Chakras, nadis, veins, arteries, and capillaries.

The “Prana Wind Clearing Chamber” clears energetic mucous or debris from your etheric meridians, chakras, nadis, veins, arteries and capillaries.

Using a ‘fan’ of energy in clockwise concentric circles it clears
the entire system but does not energize.



You will Get this Energy Clearing Kit PLUS  Bonus
For a Limited Time For 50% DISCOUNT


 I wish you a great transformation success!








Q: Do I get updates for this  System and are there symbols involved as USUI Reiki?
Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all users - there are NO symbols involved.
 Q: Does the Energy Clearing Kit require any Reiki pre-requisite?
No prerequiste healing layer is needed - but you need an open mind.

Q: What does the Energy Clearing Kit contain?
It contains an attunement and transformation space where you can clear out and protect everything energetically.

Q: Who can benefit from the Energy Clearing Kit?
It is for all people in partnerships, jobs, living in big cities and especially for all who do NOT protect their aura regulary. 

Q: Are there any guarantee that this system works for me?
As mentioned in the manual this attunement will bring you in the right clearing space to transform all issues
mentioned on this page.

So - it's your  turn to make all the quantum changes you are looking for!