Who Else Wants To Connect Directly With The GOD SOURCE For Infinite Healing And Enhanced Spiritual Growth?
Are You Looking To UN-BLOCK and Heal All Energetic Systems on all levels and dimensions of reality and through all times?


Then You Need To Connect With The Source Directly!

This attunement comes from God/Creator. Being such it has infinite potential.

Potential however is not Actualization!

Receiving this attunement does not give you all of the abilities, power, love and
wisdom of God. The God attunement will not cure all disease, enlighten you or do everything you
want instantly, even though that is Gods potential.

God will work with you.

God knows your limits for change and growth and works within them. Too much change too fast may not be good for you.

There may also need to be clearing on your part that needs to be done to be able
to receive God’s energy and qualities.

There may also be “higher" reasons for you to have your current situation.

For example, you may need to learn certain lessons before you get what you want. You may just need
the experience of your current situation for a given period of time before it changes. There may be
many reasons why you do not get what you want..

This said - Knock and you will be given.

God/Source helps those who help themselves

The Source aims to protect you from energy distortions  by raising your vibration, increasing personal power, strengthening your energy bodies and removing energies, attachments or energetic tools that try to rob you of your energy, vitality, and well-being.

You can simple ask God to do whatever is for your highest good. This is good way to use the attunement.

One of the strengths of this approach is that you may not know, as well as God does, just what you need. It is good to let go of control and turn your life over to a higher source.

However too much of this leads to a giving up of ones self determination, strength and power. Balance is needed.God knows everything about you (every thought, feeling, dream and action). God understands you, loves you and forgives you unconditionally. 

God is ALL. God is ONE.

IMPORTANT: Due to the open-ended nature of the energies provided in this attunement, there is potential for new functions to reveal themselves to you that are specific to you and your needs.

What Will You gain from taking these God Code attunements?

• Balance chakras
• Balance meridians
• Balance subtle bodies
• Clear chakras
• Cleary meridians
• Clear subtle bodies
• Clear any entities, thought forms and any lower energies that interfere with my
spiritual growth
• Repair, rejuvenate and unblock all energy systems
• Bring chakras to the next highest level of functioning to help me grow into a higher level
of love
• Help to forgive
• Help overcome (or develop) __any emotional/mental/spiritual state__ .
• Help be less egocentric and more able to see the truth
• Help heal  ___whatever needs healing___.
• Help be a better, cleared more affective channel for you.
• Help feel your presence, love and forgiveness in the most concrete way possible

I was curious on what to expect. I have had already many attunements in the past but this was truly the most powerful. It helped me in so many ways. I also believe that the water elexir  I created had a tremendous effect on my well being. Wonderful experience so far which is still ongoing..

Meggie, Alabama, USA 

Together With The GOD CODE You Will Receive...
  • A God Wisdom & Insight Attunement
  • The ability to communicate on all levels with God Source for the purpose of helping to heal and
    enlighten yourself and others.
  • The POWER to connect to Higher Levels Of Your I AM Presense
  • A Pristine Tool to clear/purify an area of all lower energies, entities and thought/emotional forms
  • The ability to create sacred object and elixir for transmutations (see Bonus below)
  • The ability to protect any person place or thing from any type of harmful energy or entities (including all lower astral energies such as electromagnetic fields and implants) and place the shield anywhere (receiver) want for any length of time. This shield will stay stationary or travel with the person or thing as desired

     Your GOD CODE Includes:


      •  God Code Attunements

      •  God Code Certificate

      •  God Code Home Study Course with attunement process

      • BONUS: God Code Water Booster (see below)

      • POWERFUL God Frequencies #60 min. (clears also your home)
        (with binaural beats and Feng Shui energy clearance and balancing  )

      • Energy can be used for yourself and transferred to clients and friends


An advanced God Code technology that can be called forth to create a magic water elexir.

Water is the main conductor of divine energies throughout the cosmos.

Water is the underlying support system of all that exists in the cosmic ocean.

This Crystalline Living Water Matrix intent is to reconnect and balance your water ways
throughout your body, chakra systems, glands and organs anchoring once again the
divine energies from source onto earth.

This will bring more Divine Love. Divine Light, and Divine Power.

As you work with this system it will help assist in the shift in
consciousness to a higher level for all of humanity on earth.


You will Get this God Code PLUS  Bonus
For a Limited Time For 50% DISCOUNT


 I wish you a great transformation success!








Q: Do I get updates for this  System and are there symbols involved as USUI Reiki?
Yes! Automatic updates are delivered 100% free of charge to all users - there is ONE symbol involved.(optional use)
 Q: Does the God Code require any Reiki pre-requisite?
No prerequiste healing layer is needed - but you need an open mind.

Q: What does the God Code contain?
It contains attunements and transformation spaces where you can clear out and protect everything energetically.

Q: Who can benefit from the God Code?
Practivally everybody with a will to clear personal issues, raise the vibration and strive for WHOLENESS!

Q: Are there any guarantee that this system works for me?
As mentioned in the manual this system will bring you in the right clearing and healing space to transform all issues
mentioned on this page.

So - it's your  turn to make all the quantum changes you are looking for!



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