Super Simple Sacred Knowledge
  Solves Personal Problems
In Your Daily  Life!



Clearing Your Personal ISSUES Has Never Been So Easy!

This Incredible Healing Energy Is Called....


Magic Eight Healing Energy Is Not New.

It is thousands of years old.  That means it has stood the test of time
as being safe, fast, useful, effective and simple.  It's been around in
many cultures around the globe. 

We've added  own tweaks and techniques to it...

...but it will long out-survive us. 

It is simple and also deeply complex in the same time. 

I will provide you the simplest form and go from there.  

  I'd like to teach you about Magic Eight Energy so you can help yourself,
your loved ones and your animals...


8 - How Does it get your energy flowing?

This simple energy technique that helps clear the energy and get it flowing through your aura (the electro-magnetic field that surrounds your body), chakras and meridians.


Figure 8’s are everywhere, from numbers, too knots, too mathematics,
think of the Infinity Symbol. Our energy flows in our and around our body
in the flow of a figure 8. Sometimes this flow can become stuck,
blocked or there is not enough flowing.

Figures 8’s not only get our energy flowing it also help our cells,
muscle and brain function with greater vitality.

It is a great exercise for integrating your right and left brain energetically
and creating balance when you are all caught up in your head or can’t think straight.

It can help increase alertness, centeredness, relaxation, boost energy and vitality.
The exercise I will provide you are amazing for kids that having learning challenges
as it helps with brain intergration and can increase learning ability.

The exercises are a great pain control technique as it gets the energy flowing.

It can help decrease pain and promote healing.

It can also reduce swelling, increase movement and flexibility in stiff or swollen joints.

How Does It Sound To You?


You will learn several exercises for doing and applying in you daily life.

This will easily become one of your favorite “use it every where” techniques,
creating deep reaching results very easily.




The Magic 8 Course includes:


    • MAGIC 8 Attunement

    • MAGIC 8 Certificate

    • MAGIC 8 Healing Audio

    • MAGIC 8 Manual for Daily Healing

“If you are looking for help in improving ANY area of
your life, and you want to do it easily, elegantly and without struggle, then look no further than my good friend Tom's healing treasure map. It is one of the most powerful assets any one could be privileged to know about let alone use.”

—Randy Montet, NYC, USA

Included For You Is This Powerful
MAGIC 8 Bracelet For Daily Use!

Get this MAGIC 8 Healing Treasure Map with all goodies 
For a Limited Time For Only $ 29 USD

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Most Burning Questions You Might Have:

Can you use this on yourself?
Answer: Yes, Yes, Yes!  The more you use it the better you'll get. 

Can you use this on others?
Answer:  With their permission you much as they want.

Can you use this on animals?
Answer:  Yes...with their permission or the permission of their much as they want.

Can it ever hurt?
Anwer: You're waving your fingers in the air and never touching;  so you cannot hurt or harm!

Can I do too much? 
Answer: Could you get too happy?

Can it heal any condition or problem?  
Answer: It doesn't heal, that's the funny thing, it only clears out the energetic debris that's in the way of the body healing.

Is there any condition it won't help?
Answer: Can't think of one...can you?

Can I trust it?
Answer: My suggestion is not to.  Instead, do it and trust what you notice.  If you're working on someone trust their feedback.
 Trust that.

Can it really be this easy?  
Answer: Do you really want to make it more difficult?

Is there any guarantee that it will work for me?
Answer: Trust the flow not just guarantees! This said - you have as always the Satifaction guarantee -
meaning - if you are not happy with the results - mail me for a full refund within the next 30 days.







In Lak'ech,


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